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    2. J.B. Hunt 360 Overview
    3. J.B. Hunt 360 Shipper

    Smart Capacity
    Flexible Solutions

    Technology that drives efficiency and cost savings across your supply chain

    Create a free Shipper 360 account to book and track shipments online

    Check Pricing
    Track Shipments
    View Documents
    Generate Reports

    Click. Ship. Delivered.

    Capacity for Every Shipment

    No more searching for carriers – Shipper 360 does the work for you! Simply enter your shipment details and we'll source the right truck for every load you move.

    Automation, Analytics, Agility

    Focus on the bigger picture by automating everyday tasks. Build shipments from templates, create and view reports, and address disruptions with real-time visibility.

    Custom Solutions for Your Supply Chain

    Our customer service sets the bar for supply chain excellence. Gain a competitive advantage with expert advice from an established industry leader.

    Actionable Insights
    to Grow Your Business
    Get more info without adding to your workload

    Visibility to your freight has never been more clear. project44's advanced visibility platform enables you to get rates and track shipments from every carrier - all from inside J.B. Hunt 360. A single technology integration can help you increase efficiency, improve service levels, and generate cost savings. Get started by contacting your J.B. Hunt account representative.

    Efficient and Flexible
    Drop Trailer Solutions

    Ask your J.B. Hunt representative if 360box is right for your business.

    Track a Shipment